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Hangzhou Poly Air Separation Equipment Eanufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which produces PSA nitrogen making equipment, PSA oxygen making equipment, VPSA oxygen making equipment, compressed air purification equipment etc.

The company combined with the R&D, design manufacturing and marketing. qualify with the perfect production conditions, equipment installation, configuration, maintenance and service. It also hire the expert in the field of new material and engineering thermodynamics as technical consultant to ensure that our products and technical is always in the line of technology and provide a reliable and scientific guarantee of product design and manufacturing...

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Widely used in the precise control of gas, liquid, steam and other media, process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature level maintained at a given value

ZAJ filter sterilization
Workingprinciple. UsingadvancedPTFEfilterm.. View More
ZAJ filter sterilization
ZMO membrane separation oxygen equipment
Workingprinciple. Compressedairthroughthea.. View More
ZMO membrane separation oxygen equipment
ZBN psa nitrogen making device
Workingprinciple: Psanitrogenmakingdeviceisto.. View More
ZBN psa nitrogen making device
Chinese air separation, technology gathering
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